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Corporal Peter Dorans DCM

Transcript of Distinguished Conduct Medal Citation


77 Indian Infantry Brigade


4th Corps


The Black Watch

Date of

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Corporal Peter DORANS

Action for which recommended :-


At HINTHA on 28th March, 1943, he was in charge of a small post holding a track along which a new attack was expected. Although he had only a handful of men with him, he considered that he would present a less vulnerable target and a more effective defence with still fewer. He therefore, collected grenades off some of his men and reduced his party to two besides himself. When the expected attack came in, carried out by twenty to thirty Japanese, he threw grenades with great effect, carrying on with his rifle when these were exhausted, and completely broke up the attack, which was never resumed in this sector. At least eight bodies were observed to his immediate front, and more might have been seen by daylight.

During the march to the CHINDWIN, though suffering from fever and other complaints, he remained cheerful as ever and was instrumental in encouraging weaker men not to give in. His fortitude was of real benefit to the whole column. Cheerful and tireless at all times, he was always to the fore whether in or out of action, and was of the utmost value in inspiring and controlling young soldiers. He was by common consent the finest N.C.O. in the Column.

Recommended By

Major B.E.Fergusson, 
Black Watch Column Commander,
77 Indian Infantry Brigade Group.

Honour or Reward

DCM (Immediate)

Signed By

Brigadier O.C. Wingate
Comdr. 77th Ind. Inf. Bde.

General Auchinleck
Commander-in-Chief India

(London Gazette 05.08.1943)

(Details kindly supplied by Allan H. Dorans)