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Lance-Naik Arkar Bahadur Gurung IDSM

Transcript of Indian Distinguished Service Medal Citation


77 Ind. Inf. Bde.


4th Corps


3/2nd Gurkha Rifles

Date of

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Lance Naik Arkar Bahadur Gurung

Action for which recommended :-

Operations in Burma - March - April, 1943.

On 25th March, 1943, south of Mongmit the column to which this N.C.O. belonged was in contact with the enemy and was compelled to withdraw. It fell to his section to be the last to withdraw from the area. The enemy had not observed his precise position; and he allowed them to approach within a few yards. He then opened on them with devastating fire, which he continued at every attempt to follow up the main body. Controlling his section with the utmost calmness, he remained in position long after the main body had retired, enabling it to complete the withdrawal almost without interruption. When at last he himself received orders to withdraw, he did so most skilfully, so that the enemy failed to follow up and he was enabled to extricate his complete section without loss. His calmness and bearing was reflected in the behaviour of all his men.

Recommended By

Major G.D.Dunlop MC
Column Commander
77th Ind. Inf. Bde. Group.

Honour or Reward



Brig. O. Wingate
Comdr. 77 Ind.Inf. Bde.

(London Gazette 19 October 1944)