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Havildar Tilak Bahadur Khattri IDSM

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

Indian Distinguished Service Medal - Chindits Awards


111 Ind Inf


3 Ind


3/9 Gurkha Rifles

Date of Recommendation

24 July '44

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Havildar Tilak Bahadur Khattri

Action for which recommended -

During the initial advance on pt 2171 overlooking TAUNGHI, on 9th July '44 Hav TILAK BAHADUR KHATTRI's pl comd was seriously wounded. He took over comd of the pl, which was suffering heavy casualties from enemy automatic fire, & led them to continue the advance until held up by dug in and bunkered posns on his left flank. This advance was led by him with great dash, uphill, and included the capture of an enemy MMG posn. He then manoeuvred forward on to the objective under fire from his left flank and arranged consolidation to such effect that this fire was silenced.

His conduct during the attack, & later in consolidation, his unfailing cheerful encouragement   of his men and his personal example are worthy of the highest praise, particularly as his pl's line of advance carried them uphill through thick jungle, liable to enemy fire from two directions.

I recommend him for the award of the I.O.M.

A.Harper Lt.Col.
Comd 93 Coln.

Recommended for I.D.S.M.

J.Masters Lt Col.
Comd 111 Bde. 24 Jul '44

Recommended By

Lt Col A.Harper

Honour or Reward

Indian Distinguished Service Medal

Signed By

W. Lentaigne, Major General
Comd Special Force

(London Gazette 04.01.45)