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Havildar Top Bahadur Rana IDSM

Transcript of Indian Distinguished Service Medal Citation


77th  Ind Inf


3rd Ind


3rd Bn 6th Gurkha Rifles

Date of

16th July 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Havildar Top Bahadur Rana

Action for which recommended :-

On 23rd June 1944, Havildar TOP BAHADUR RANA was in command of the left hand Platoon of 'B' Company in their assault on NATIYGON and the railway line at MOGAUNG. As they were advancing this NCO was moving with his left hand Section. They came under terrific MMG and LMG cross fire from the RED HOUSE area. The whole Platoon was pinned to the ground, with the exception of Rfn TUL BAHADUR PUN who charged the RED HOUSE and took the position. Havildar TOP BAHADUR RANA immediately appreciated the great significance of this wonderful individual effort and although still under heavy and accurate fire from the LMG to the left of the RED HOUSE, he doubled across the open ground to his right hand Section and moved them on to their objective. He then ordered them to give supporting flanking fire on the MMG enemy position. He then returned again across the bullet swept open country to his left hand sections and personally led them to positions in two bomb craters adjacent to the bunker. Having seized these two craters, he appreciated that Flame Throwers would quickly reduce the position and accordingly called for them. As a result this position which threatened to halt his Company attack was quickly and effectively moved and the MMG captured from the enemy. He not only showed the greatest courage and disregard for his own safety but he showed a military skill and resource and determination in carrying his plan through, that is unusual in one of his rank

Recommended By

Major J.R.Lumley
3/6th GR

Honour or Reward

IDSM Immediate

(London Gazette 19 October 1944)