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Subadar Ba La Sein MC

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

Military Cross - Chindits Awards


77 Ind Inf



2nd Bn The Burma Rifles, attached 77 Ind Inf Bde.

Date of

11 Feb 44

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Subedar Ba La Sein

Action for which recommended -

Subedar BA LA SEIN was in charge of a party of Burma Rifles attached to 77th Indian Infantry Brigade with effect from 1st April 1943.

On the night of 11th/12th April, 1943, an unsuccessful attempt was made by the Headquarters party to cross the IRRAWADDY.  An arrangement was made by the Brigade Commander with the Headman of a village to supply boats the following night. This arrangement obviously involved the possibility of a trap; and this was explained by the Brigadier Commander to Subedar BA LA SEIN. In spite of this, owing to the desperate circumstances of the party, it was necessary to take the risk.

Subedar BA LA SEIN freely volunteered to appear at the agreed rendezvous at the agreed time. Certain precautions were taken to support him.

On approaching the rendezvous, he and his men were attacked, and it was believed at the time that he had been killed.

The Brigade Headquaters party crossed the IRRAWADDY the same afternoon, having discovered boats in another area.

Subedar BA LA SEIN succeeded in breaking off the action and collected his party. He now found himself in a remote area of Burma, on the wrong side of the IRRAWADDY, with a very poor chance of  regaining India. Being of Burmese nationality, and trained to arms, it was over to him to take up a life of   [illegible] (invitation to do which was frequently made to numbers of the Burma Rifles on this expedition). Nor could he be blamed had he endeavoured to return home, since a general permission had been given to numbers of the Burma Rifles to do so under these circumstances.

Recommended By

O.C.Wingate DSO,
Maj.Gen., Comd. Special Force

Honour or Reward

Military Cross



(London Gazette 19-Oct-1944)