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Major C.C.A. Carfrae M.C.

Transcript of Military Cross Citation


3rd West African


3rd Indian


Somerset Light Infantry attd. 7 Bn Nigeria Regt.

Date of

2nd May 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Major Charles Cecil Allen CARFRAE

Action for which commended :-

Since coming into BURMA, Major CARFRAE has combined the duties of Bn 2nd-in-Command when this Unit has operated as a Battalion and Column Commander of 29 Column upon all occasions when the two Columns have been allotted separate roles.

On 15th April I was ordered to establish a block on the main NORTH and SOUTH road at SG 882197. Although both columns moved to this vicinity and were in mutual support of each other, 29 Column, Commanded by Major Carfrae was responsible for constructing the block, minefield, actual defensive positions and wire, and for the execution of the successful ambush carried out on the evening of 17th April (38 Japanese dead, 5 prisoners and 6 heavy lorries), and for holding the Block intact for a further four days and nights (until 21st April) during the latter two of which the remainder of the Battalion had been moved elsewhere for other duties leaving 29 Column entirely on its own.

On 1st May Major Carfrae personally led the right hand (29 Column) flank of a full scale Battalion attack on the village YWATHIT (SG 930558). Both 35 and 29 Columns were heavily engage in a 2 hour action during the greater part of which Major Carfrae with his Adv Column HQ was right at the head of his Column sector personally directing the movements of his three forward Platoons from a point within 50 yards of two Japanese bunkers from which we were having considerable difficulty in trying to eject the occupants.

Major Carfrae set an execellent and inspiring example of leadership and clear thinking in the midst of over an hour under intermittent enemy fire.

Recommended By

Commander 7 Nigeria Regiment

Honour or Reward

Military Cross

Signed By

Major General W.D.A. Lentaigne
Comd. 3 Ind. Div.

General G. Giffard
Commander-in-Chief 11 Army Group 

(London Gazette 26.04.1945)