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Lieutenant J. Devlin M.C.

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

Military Cross - Chindits Awards


14th Infantry


3rd Indian


The King's Own Scottish Borderers attached 1st Bn The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt.

Date of

18th August 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Lieutenant Joe DEVLIN

Action for which recommended -

This officer is a platoon commander in 1/Bedfs Herts R (16 Coln). He was given command of a rifle platoon shortly before his column was ordered to form road blocks on the KYUSANLAI PASS about 22 May 1944. His platoon was situated in a forward block in dense overgrown jungle a very short distance from Jap company block opposing our troops. To facilitate the work of patrols it was essential to obtain information of the precise dispositions of the Japs. Lieut Devlin volunteered for this task. His information was accurate and necessitated him approaching the Japanese perimeter at several points within five to ten yards of their posts. Later, it was decided to endeavour to eliminate two Jap LMG posts which had caused trouble to our patrols. Again Lieut. Devlin volunteered for the task. Displaying great daring he actually managed to get into the middle of the Jap block. There he delibrately exposed himself to draw the LMG fire. This object was quickly achieved. Noting the positions, he fired several shots rapidly and escaped in the resultant confusion.

Prior to the attack of Pt.2171 near MOGAUNG by 1/Bedfs Herts R (16 and 61 Colns), this officer was ordered to take a small party to carry out a thorough recce of the Jap positions. He managed to get his patrol inside the wired and booby trapped perimeter. Then ordering the remainder of his patrol to a supporting role he commenced to examine the dugout and pillboxes systematically. The first three were unoccupied. But just as he was about to examine the next one he came face to face with three Japs. The first he killed , the others fled. He then withdrew his patrol to the outside of the perimeter and waited to observe the actions of the Japs as they ran to their alarm positions. In this way he obtained valuable information.

On 8th August 1944 he first led a platoon to its assault position through a booby trap field and then returning conducted his own platoon to its assault position. During the assault his platoon had to cross a cleared field of fire. He saw a Jap LMG coming into action. He doubled across the open ground to within ten yards of the post and threw a grenade which knocked out the Jap crew. At the same moment a supporting bunker opened short range automatic fire on him and his platoon. Again his boldness caught the Japs by surprise and this bunker was silenced by another hand thrown grenade. Throughout this action his boldness and audacity enabled his platoon to reach its objective, in spite of accurate enemy defensive fire, with the minimum of casualties.

This officer has shown outstanding capability in the conducting of patrols and in attack.

Recommended By

(Signed) Lieut.Col.

(Signed) Brig.

Honour or Reward

Military Cross

Signed By

W. Lentaigne, Major General
Comd Special Force

G. Giffard, General
C-in-C 11 Army Group

(London Gazette 26.04.1945)