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Jemadar Godwiller M.C.

Transcript of Military Cross Citation


77th Indian Infantry Brigade


3 Indian


2 Bn The Burma Rifles

Date of

24 Mar 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name


Action for which recommended :-

Jemadar GODWILLER was one of a party of 20 which was transported into BURMA by glider on the night of 5th March, 1944

The glider in which he was travelling was jettisoned over enemy territory and landed on a sandbank on the East bank of of the IRRAWADDY some 50 miles short of its destination. Firing and shouting at once broke out from the opposite bank, and boats were heard crossing the river.

No one in the party was able to pin point the location but with characteristic devotion to duty, JEMADAR GODWILLER undertook to guide the party to its destination. Although he knew that the enemy had heard the glider land, and were now combing the area, the following day he took it upon himself to be the first to enter a village. Here he learned the exact location of the party, and ascertained that the enemy were actively patrolling the whole area.

Undaunted, and with unerring skill, the Jemadar guided the party for a further three days through enemy infested territory. The going through swamp and thick jungle was undoubtedly fatiguing but his cheerfulness never failed to predominate, and by his example and determination he inspired the whole party. When one of his men fell sick with fever, he carried his pack and encouraged him to continue.

Failing in his first attempt to cross the party over the IRRAWADDY on rafts, he entered a village and obtained boats, and himself rowed one boat over the whole stretch of the river.

Although enemy footprints were seen in the area, he continued to enter villages and so obtained vital information and supplies for his party.

Finally, after nine days, the party reached its destination and rejoined its column.

This G.C.O. who also served in the first BURMA campaign and in the Wingate expedition of 1943, has shown courage, initiative and determination of a very high order. He is therefore recommended for the award of the M.C.

Recommended By

Maj. Gen. O.C. Wingate

Honour or Reward


Signed By

Major General W.D.A. Lentaigne
Comd. 3 Ind. Div.

General G. Giffard
Commander-in-Chief 11 Army Group 

(London Gazette 27 July 1944)