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Lieutenant (T/Captain) W.D. Griffiths M.C.

Transcript of Military Cross Citation


77th Indian Infantry Brigade


4th Corps


Army in Burma Reserve of Officers
attd. The Burma Rifles

Date of

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Lieutenant (temporary Captain)
William Douglas GRIFFITHS

Action for which recommended :-

On 6 March 43, at NANKAN railway station, this officer was left with a small party consisting of one section of Gurkhas and a few Burma Riflemen to guard a track which afterwards proved to be the main INDAW road, while the Column carried out demolitions on the railway. Two lorry loads of enemy troops arrived and were successfully ambushed. Capt. Griffiths continued to fight the enemy for two hours while the demolition work continued, until the enemy was reinforced, when he eventually withdrew without casualties, having destroyed three Japanese Lorries and counted fourteen enemy corpses.

Throughout the campaign this officer showed great coolness and soundness of judgement . Thanks to his foresight and his capable leadership, the platoon of Burma Rifles under his command furnished completely reliable information of the enemy, and enabled his Column to move through enemy country unmolested save on one occasion. His handling of his men in action was excellent

Recommended By

Major J.M.Calvert, R.E.
Column Commander
77th Indian Infantry Brigade

Honour or Reward

M. C.

Signed By

Brigadier O.C. Wingate
Comdr. 77th Ind. Inf. Bde.

(London Gazette 16.12.1943)