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Lieutenant W.D. Hardless M.C.

Transcript of Military Cross Citation


111 Ind Inf


3rd Indian


2 Burma Rifles
(Royal Indian Army Service Corps)

Date of

12th July 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Lieut. William Daire HARDLESS RIASC

Action for which recommended :-

Lieut. William D. HARDLESS, Burma Rifles, attd 93 Coln, has carried out innumerable patrols in contact with the enemy with great skill and coolness and untiring energy. At 'BLACKPOOL' block he personally killed four enemy whilst covering the withdrawal of a patrol from a village across the air strip.

At LAKHREN he was the first to contact the 66 Chinese Regt at HKOHKA with considerable parties of the enemy in between us and them. His reports of tracks and enemy in a very difficult bit of country were instrumental in preventing any southward movement of the enemy.

On his return from HKOHKA he decide to come back by a different track along with two unarmed Kachins. On the way he was attacked at close quarters by three Japanese. The first he shot direct with his carbine after parrying a sword cut with his butt. He then shot the second man who was preparing to throw a grenade. The third man ran away, but Lieut HARDLESS got him too with a fine running shot. He then continued on his way unharmed to deliver a most useful report. He is very strongly recommended for the award of the M.C.

Recommended By

Lt.Col. A.F.Harper
Comd. 93 Coln.

Honour or Reward

Immediate M.C.


J. Masters, Lt-Col.
Comd. 111 Brigrade

(London Gazette 16 November 1944)