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Jemadar Kesh Bahadur Khattri, I.D.S.M., M.C.

Transcript of Military Cross Citation


111 Indian Infantry


3rd Indian


3/9 Gurkha Rifles

Date of

24th July 1944

Rank and Name

Jemadar Kesh Bahadur Khattri, I.D.S.M.

Action for which recommended :-

Jemadar KESH BAHHADUR KHATTRI was in command of the leading platoon in the approach march on point 2171 overlooking TAUNGNI, BURMA on 9th July '44. When his leading section came under fire he rapidly took charge of the situation and moved his remaining two sections up the left of the track all the while under the heaviest fire, and himself in the lead kukhri in hand. He formed his men up and led the assault up a steep and difficult slope, dashing from side to side encouraging each man in turn with no regard for his own safety. He led the charge successfully over and beyond the enemy positions, until coming under MMG and LMG fire from a covering position further on.

He was then ordered to consolidate, which he did most skilfully, walking about from man to man correcting their positions, under continuous heavy fire from enemy automatic weapons, arranging his own covering fire and the evacuation of his wounded.

This Gurkha Officer's dash, initiative and personal example of courage & leadership was an inspiration to all and largely contributed to the success of his company's attack.

I recommend him for the award of the M.C.

Lt-Col A. Harper,
Comd 93 Column

Recommended by

Lt-Col J.Masters
Comd 111 Bde

Honour or Reward

Military Cross

Signed By

Major General W.D.A. Lentaigne
Comdr. Special Force

General G. Giffard
Commander-in-Chief 11 Army Group 

(London Gazette 02.01.1945)