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Halvildar Bal Bahadur Pun M.M.

Transcript of Military Medal Citation


77th Ind Inf


3rd Ind


3rd Bn 6th Gurkha Rifles

Date of

14th June 44

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Halvildar Bal Bahadur Pun

Action for which recommended :-

On 11th June 1944, this NCOs Platoon was moving to the attack on PIN HMI bridge over MOGAUNG. It was vital that this position should be taken, as there was no other possible way for the Brigade attack on MOGAUNG to develop. The Lancashire Fusiliers had already been held up here for over 24 hours. His Platoon came under terrific discharger cup and grenade fire and he himself was seriously wounded. But with great courage and determination he assisted his Platoon Commander to rally the Platoon and continued in the final assault on the bridge at the head of his Section. Only after the position had been consolidated and all other casualties had been evacuated would he permit himself to be evacuated to the R.A.P.

Recommended By

Major J.R. Lumley
3/6th G.R.

J.M. Calvert, Brigadier
Commander 77 Ind Inf Brigrade

Honour or Reward

M. M.


W Lentaigne
Commanding 3 Ind Div.

(London Gazette 4 January 1945)