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Acting Sergeant William Harold Haynes M.M.

Transcript of Military Medal Citation


77th Indian Infantry


3rd Indian


1st Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers

Date of

16th July 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Corporal (Act/Sergeant) William Harold HAYNES

Action for which recommended :-

During the attack on the COURT HOUSE near MOGUANG on 14th June 1944, the Platoon of which Corporal HAYNES was a Section Commander temporarily held up by enemy fire in a position, which although out of view of the enemy, was periodically 'spattered' by fire. This fire caused the Section two casualties, the Platoon Commander was wounded and Corporal HAYNES as far as he could see became the senior NCO in the vicinity. He took command. In point of fact he was NOT the senior NCO in the vicinity. He manoeuvred one Section slowly into position from which they could return the enemy's fire both with Small Arms and Discharger Cups. With his own Section and under their covering fire he crept forward to assaulting distance and led a bayonet charge on to the enemy position and seized it. He and his Section killed five Japanese. He then consolidated the position with the Platoon, which was by this time was much depleted through heat exhaustion.

Later, Corporal HAYNES was hit but refused evacuation until after the whole operation was successfully completed. On admission to hospital he again refused evacuation by Light Plane and returned to the battalion in time to take part in further operations. I recommend Corporal HAYNES for the award of the Military Medal.

Dated 16th July 44 SHADUZUP

Recommended By

Lieut Colonel H.N.F. Christie
1st Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers
Brigadier  J.M. Calvert DSO
Commander 77 Ind Inf Brigade

Honour or Reward

Military Medal

Signed By

Major General W.D.A. Lentaigne
Comd. 3 Ind. Div.

General G. Giffard
Commander-in-Chief 11 Army Group 

(London Gazette 02.01.1945)