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Corporal Ibrahim Mansu M.M.

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

Military Medal - Chindits Awards


3 West African Infantry


3 Ind


7 Battalion The Nigeria Regiment

Date of

21 August 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Corporal Ibrahim Mansu

Action for which recommended -

This NCO was in charge of a two sec posn near HKAMUTYANG with no European Offr or BNCO, when he was attacked at 0100-0500 hrs by an enemy force estimated at a pl on 17 July 44. The attack was quite unexpected and the night pitch dark, but the two secs under his comd drove off the enemy on each occasion with grenades and LMG fire from 10 yds, the enemy failing to pinpoint our posns or to drive back the two Secs. The enemy withdrew at 0530 to a posn 200 yds in front of his posn. During the night messages were frequently passed back by Cpl IBRAHIM who remained completely in control of the situation and never asked for assistance. Owing to the fact that this African NCO was without a European, on his own, in an exposed posn. with no immediately available flank protection, his leadership throughout a night of tension was of the highest order. The next day a small party came up to the Cpl's position. One of the enemy was killed, and without waiting for any order, and in spite of the fact that the dead man was probably covered, Cpl IBRAHIM crawled out at once, stripped the body, and secured a valuable identification.

Recommended By

Brigadier A.H. Gillmore

Honour or Reward

Military Medal

Signed By

W. Lentaigne, Major General
Comd 3 Ind Div

G. Giffard, General
C-in-C 11 Army Group

(London Gazette 4 January 1945)