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Rfn Chhiring Lama M.M.

Transcript of Military Medal Citation


77th Indian Infantry Brigade


3 Indian


3/6 Gurkha Rifles

Date of

22 Apr 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Rifleman Chhiring Lama

Action for which recommended :-

On 18 Apr 44 at Kayin he was firing a Bren when he was wounded in the face by an enemy grenade. He was unable to fire the Bren satisfactorily so he handed it over to another man and engaged the enemy with a rifle. Later he saw the enemy moving over to the left of his section with the obvious intention of counter-attack. Without further hesitation he snatched up his Bren and doubled forward to a suitable fire position, opened fire on the enemy concentration inflicting casualties and breaking up the counter-attack. By his prompt action and disregard of personal safety he averted a critical situation.

Recommended By

Lt.Col. H.A. SKone
O.C. 3/6 Gurkha Rifles.

Honour or Reward

M. M. (Immediate)

(London Gazette 27 July 1944)