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Bombardier L.J. Summers M.M.

Transcript of Military Medal Citation


16th Infantry Brigade


3 Indian


51st Fd Regt R.A.

Date of

11th April 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Bombardier Lenord James SUMMERS

Action for which recommended :-

In the advance on Lonkin on 16th Mar 44, Bdr SUMMERS' section was detailed as leading section to 51 Coln. The section came under fire from a Japanese position which consisted of a line of fox holes with cut fire line astride the track. Before coming under fire the section took up fire positions in the jungle and Bdr SUMMERS took the bren gun himself and extra grenades and attacked each fox hole himself single handed. He killed one Japanese and caused the others to withdraw to an alternative position from which they continued to impede the Coln's advance. The flame throwing platoon was then committed and Bdr SUMMERS led the Pl Commander to the position of the enemy and assisted to protect the flame throwers as they advanced within range. As a result of Bdr SUMMERS' action the flame thrower caused the enemy finally to withdraw from astride the track and the extensively defended locality of WARONG was successfully captured by the coln.

Recommended By


Honour or Reward

Militray Medal (immediate)

Signed By

Brigadier B.E. Fergusson

(London Gazette 27.07.1944)