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Colonel Li Hung OBE

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

O.B.E. - Chindits Awards


77th Indian Infantry


3rd Indian


114 Regt 38 Division (Chinese Army)

Date of

Regtl. No.

Rank and Name

Colonle Li Hung

Action for which recommended -

This experienced Chinese officer showed the greatest alacrity and sound military judgement when, after the crossing of the MOGAUNG he brought his regt alongside the British Forces attacking MOGAUNG.

The speed with which he deployed his troops to cover 77 Bde left flank and to cut the MOGAUNG-LOILAW Road was admirable. He gave us every co-operation and our troops and the Chinese worked together in the closest unity and mutual respect. He worked always for the goodwill between the Chinese and British Forces and showed fine understanding of our difficulties due to casualties and long campaigning and did his best to alleviate them. His troops attacking from the South aided us in the capture of MOGAUNG.

His speedy advance on LOILAW resulted in the capture of guns, tanks and much military stores. He won the admiration of all who knew him, by his energy in forward reconnaissance and his will to beat the Jap.

He is a very fine officer with whom to co-operate in the future in operations against the Japanese.

Recommended By

(Signed) Brigadier J.M. Calvert DSO
Commander 77 Indian Infantry Brigade

Honour or Reward


Signed By

W. Lentaigne, Major General
Comd. 3 Ind.Div.

G. Giffard, General
C-in-C 11 Army Group

(London Gazette - Not Announced)