Newspaper Reports



Telegraph 21May43
The Times 21May43
The Times 24May43
The Times 30Jun43
Telegraph 15Mar44
The Times 18Mar44
Telegraph 27Mar44
Telegraph 01Apr44
Daily Mail 01Apr44
Daily Mail 10Apr44
The Times 25Apr44
The Times 04May44
The Times 18May44
Daily Mail 17Jun44
The Times 28Jun44
The Times 29Jun44
The Times 21Jul44
The Times 21May49
War Time Newspaper Reports
Daily Telegraph 21st May 1943 British Jungle Force Kept Japanese on Run
The Times 21st May 1943 Commando In The Jungle / Raids Into Burma
The Times 24th May 1943 Wingate Wrecking Expedition In Burma
The Times 30th June 1943 Mastery In The Jungle
Daily Telegraph 15th March 1944 Secret Allied March In Burma Jungle
The Times 18th March 1944 New Tactics In Burma / Airborne Force Behind Enemy
Daily Telegraph 27th March 1944 Wingate Leads Airborne Troops In Burma
Daily Telegraph 1st April 1944 General Wingate Killed In Burma Plane Crash
Daily Mail 1st April 1944 Wingate Killed In Air Crash
Daily Mail  10th April 1944 Second Air Invasion In Burma
The Times 25th April 1944 Airborne Troops Reinforced
The Times 4th May 1944 Chindit Columns In Action
The Times 18th May 1944 North Burma Offensive
Daily Mail 17th June 1944 Battle 'Honours' For The Chindits
The Times 28th June 1944 Chindits Feats Of Arms
The Times 29th June 1944 Storming Of Mogaung
The Times 21st July 1944 Memorial To General Wingate
The Times 21st May 1949 VC For Officer Who Used A Sword