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The copy of the original Order of the Day has been kindly provided by Michael E Williams (Captain- Retired 2nd Bn King's Own Royal Regiment)
Wingate's Order of the Day 13th March 1944

After the successful fly-in to Broadway and Chowringhee, Wingate issued the following Order of the Day on 13th March 1944 :

Our first task is fulfilled. We have inflicted a complete surprise on the enemy. All our Columns are inside the enemy's guts. The time has come to reap the fruit of the advantage we have gained. The enemy will react with violence. We will oppose him with the resolve to conquer our territory of Northern Burma. Let us thank God for the great success He has vouchsafed us and we must press forward with our sword in the enemy's ribs to expel him from our territory. This is not the moment, when such an advantage has been gained, to count the cost. This is a moment to live in history. It is an enterprise in which every man who takes part may feel proud one day to say 'I WAS THERE'.