Chindits Burma Gallantry Medal

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Jemadar Lian Nawn B.G.M.

Transcript of Burma Gallantry Medal Citation


77th Indian Infantry Brigade



2nd Bn, The Burma Rifles
attd HQ 77 Ind. Inf. Bde.

Date of

11 Feb. 44

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Havildar (now Jemadar) Lian Nawn

Action for which recommended :-

This N.C.O. was attached to the Brigade Commander's party, and worked under Major AUNG THIN throughout the campaign of 77th Brigade in Spring 1943.

After Subadar BA LA SEIN had become separated from the party, the duty of entering villages first, carrying out foraging, and preceding the Brigade Commander's party on the tracks, invariably fell to Havildar LIAN NAWN.

Under these circumstances he showed courage and devotion to duty. In particular, when his party was at its lowest ebb and had reached the east bank of the Chindwin to find the Japanese in possession, and failed to make contact with the boats which had been arranged, this N.C.O. volunteered to enter a village occupied by unfriendly natives, and to arrange with them boats for the party. He stuck to his post in spite of the fact that an Indian Officer going to visit him there was killed.

The arrival of the Japanese shortly afterwards prevented him from contacting his party, which was successfully withdrawn across the Chindwin without him. He was believed killed, and found means in his possession to save himself by turning dacoit, or returning to his home in Burma, which he could not have been blamed for doing. Instead, he turned all his energies to the problem of regaining British territory, and some weeks afterwards succeeded in doing so.

The gallantry and hardihood of this N.C.O. are beyond praise. The circumstances under which they were displayed were such as to try the staunchness of the stoutest hearted.

Recommended By

O.C. Wingate, DSO, Maj. Gen.,
Comd. Special Force

Honour or Reward


(London Gazette 19.10.1944)