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Havildar Bhimlal Gurung M.M.

Transcript of Military Medal Citation


77th Ind Inf


3rd Ind


3rd Bn 6th Gurkha Rifles
(Bde HQ DefCoy)

Date of

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Havildar Bhimlal Gurung

Action for which recommended :-

For exceptional courage in battle. He was an example to all ranks. He was MMG Havildar giving support to two Companies of Gurkhas in the last attack in MOGAUNG. He moved his Vickers MMG up to the most advanced Section where he sprayed the houses from which intense enemy LMG fire was coming only 20 yards ahead. Almost immediately he was wounded in the shoulder, possibly from a grenade thrown from the roof of a nearby house. He continued firing. His two assistants were both wounded and evacuated. He was wounded a second time but still continued firing until ordered back by Jemedar CHABBI LAL.

Remarks of the Brigade Commander
Recommended for an IMMEDIATE AWARD.
This man's devotion to duty and courage in sticking to his post turned the tide of the last battle of MOGUANG.

Dated 26 July 44.      J.M.Calvert DSO Brigadier   
SHADUZUP.               Commander 77 Ind Inf Bde

Recommended By

Major A.S. Gurling
Comd Bde Def Pln

Bde Comd Brigadier J.M.Calvert

Honour or Reward


(London Gazette 16 November 1944)