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Havildar Tilbir Gurung M.M.

Transcript of Military Medal Citation


77th Indian Infantry Brigade


3rd Indian


3rd Bn 6th Gurkha Rifles

Date of

28th June 1944

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Havildar Tilbir Gurung

Action for which recommended :-

On the 23rd June 1944, during the attack on the MOGAUNG railway bridge, this NCOs Platoon was the right hand Platoon of 'B' Company. During the advance, the platoon came under MMG fire from a bunker position to the left of the RED HOUSE. Lieut ALLMAND who was commanding the platoon was badly wounded leading the assault and was left out exposed to the enemy fire. One NCO immediately tried to get Lieut ALLMAND in but was himself badly wounded. Havildar TILBIR GURUNG, with the utmost disregard for himself, crawled out and succeeded in bringing in Lieut ALLMAND. He then crawled out again and brought in the other wounded NCO.

Recommended By

Lieut Colonel N.F.B. Shaw
3rd Bn 6th Gurkha Rifles

J.M. Calvert, Brigadier
Commander 77 Ind. Inf. Brigade

Honour or Reward

Military Medal


W. Lentaigne, Major General
Comd. 3 Ind. Div.

(London Gazette 4 January 1945)