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Squadron Leader R.G.K. Thompson DSO MC

[Transcript of Announcement of Award in the London Gazette]

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R.A.F.O. [Reserve of Air Force Officers] attached 77th Indian Infantry Brigade

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Regtl. No.

Rank and Name

Squadron Leader Robert Grainger Ker Thompson DSO MC

Squadron Leader Thompson is the senior R.A.F. officer of the 77th Indian  Infantry   Brigade and R.A.F. Adviser to the Brigade Commander on all matters of Air Support.

In the performance of these duties he has always shown the utmost ingenuity and resourcefulness. During the battles round Henu Block his work played a decisive part in the fighting. On one occasion he joined in a charge and himself killed two Japanese.

In the planning of the Airborne Landing and in its execution Squadron Leader Thompson's sound judgement was of the greatest assistance.

In the battle of Mogaung, between 31st May and 27th July, 1944, he organised the construction of forward airbases, including the laying of light aircraft landing strips, by the ingenious use of local material. The evacuation of a large number of casualties was greatly facilitated by the use of these landing strips and the effect on the morale of the fighting troops was important.

To ensure the success of direct air support in the Mogaung area Squadron Leader Thompson organised a system of communication with bomber pilots, thus enabling our troops to take immediate advantage of close bomber support.

Although he was sick during the operations which were conducted to reduce a series of strong points at Natyegon and other places by direct air support, his energy, resource and knowledge contributed largely to the success of the operations. By his example and leadership throughout he has set a fine example to other officers of his formation.

Honour or Reward

Distinguished Service Order

(London Gazette 13 Feb 1945)