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Subedar Kum Sing Gurung IDSM

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

Indian Distinguished Service Medal - Chindits Awards


77 Ind Inf Bde.


4th Corps


2 Gurkha Rifles

Date of

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Subedar Kum Sing Gurung

Action for which recommended -

Operations in Burma - March 1943

On 6th March 1943, at NANKAN Railway Station, Subadar KUM SING was detached with one section and an anti tank rifle to guard a track while demolitions were being carried out on the railway. Two lorry loads of Japanese infantry arrived and drove straight into the ambush which he had laid. The majority were killed at the outset, but the remainder were reinforced. Subadar KUM SING continued to fight the enemy for two hours, gaining complete immunity from interruption for the parties engaged in demolishing the railway. He himself shot two of the enemy, on whom 15 casualties were inflicted without loss to our own troops.

During the whole of the campaign as Senior Gurkha Officer with his column he maintained the morale and discipline of his men under trying circumstances and upheld the finest tradition of the Gurkha Officer.

Recommended By

Major J.M.Calvert, R.E.
Column Commander
77 Indian Infantry Brigade Group

Honour or Reward

Indian Distinguished Service Medal

Signed By

Brigadier O.C. Wingate
Comdr. 77 Ind. Inf. Bde.

General Auchinleck
Commander-in-Chief in India

(London Gazette 05.08.1943)