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Captain (temporary) L. Lazum Tang MBE

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

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3rd Indian


2nd Bn Burma Rifles attached DAHFORCE

Date of

14th July 1944

Regtl. No.

ABRO 756

Rank and Name

T/Capt Louis Lazum Tang

Action for which recommended -

Capt LAZUM TANG is a Kachin Officer and was a member of General WINGATE's force in 1943 when he was 2nd-in-command of a platoon on special duty in his own hills. His services were invaluable and he unhesitatingly accompanied the platoon when they returned to India although this meant leaving his family in enemy territory.

During operations this year Capt LAZUM TANG has made every use of his considerable local influence to ensure that the Kachin people do appreciate that their loyalty is due to the British Government and used to go to great trouble to explain to the people that, although it might appear to them that they had been forgotten by the Government this was not the case, but instead their difficulties and troubles were indeed appreciated. He was extremely valuable in recruiting levies for the Force, many of whom have since come out to India as recruits for the Burma Rifles.

In every respect Capt LAZUM TANG put into practice what he preached and his example has had a most beneficial effect throughout the Kachin Hills. His own loyalty is unshakeable.

(Signed) Denis C. Herring, Lieut Colonel,
Commanding DAHFORCE, 14 July 44.

Recommended By

Lt.Col. D.C.Herring,

Honour or Reward


Signed By

W. Lentaigne, Major General
Comd. 3 Ind.Div.

G. Giffard, General
C-in-C 11 Army Group

(London Gazette 26.4.45)