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Lieutenant G.H. Borrow M.C.

[Transcript of Recommendation of Award]

Military Cross - Chindits Awards


77 Ind Inf Bde


4th Corps


Royal Sussex Regiment attached 13th Bn. The King's Regiment

Date of

Regtl. No.


Rank and Name

Lieutenant George Henry BORROW

Action for which recommended -

Operations in Burma, February - May 1943

Throughout the operations in BURMA from mid-February to mid-May 1943, Lieut. BORROW acted as Intelligence Officer to Headquarters No. 2 Group. He insisted on accompanying the expedition despite the fact that he was suffering from jaundice. The continued privations and hardships of the campaign prevented him from ever recovering his health in the course of it, and in the latter stages he suffered intensely from internal disorders, general weakness and a malady which attacked his legs and made marching extremely difficult and painful. Despite the effects of these serious inroads upon a state of health already poor, he showed throughout the campaign a superb example of doggedness and courage which aroused the admiration of every officer and man who saw him, and inspired them all to emulate his magnificent endurance. His work as Intelligence Officer not only did not suffer from his bad state of health, but would have been remarkable for its thoroughness and efficiency in ordinary circumstances; while his behaviour under fire was exemplary. His high spirit helped immeasurably to carry the party with which he was travelling through most arduous trials until the British lines were reached; when; after an example of steadfastness and endurance which cannot often have been surpassed, he finally collapsed.

Recommended By

Lieut-Colonel S.A.Cooke
13 The Kings R.

Honour or Reward

Military Cross

Signed By

O.C. Wingate Brig.
Comdr. 77 Ind.Inf.Bde.

(London Gazette 16.12.1943)